Demand forecasting for Retailers

Avoid stock-outs. Predict your sales with a sophisticated system that uses AI to detect seasonality and demand.

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How much money are you losing due to stock-outs?

Detect and avoid stock-outs without needing to increase your safety stock. Our AI will notify you before stock-outs happen so you can react on time

Predict stock-outs with anomalous sales

Sometimes your stock levels are not available and you can only rely on sales or tickets. Optimus Price understands that not all sales are equal and can detect anomalous sales that deviate from normal patterns

Learn the impact of external factors in your demand

Nobody can predict "black swans" such as COVID-19, but you can learn from them. For example, Optimus Price realized that the population reacted to the pandemic by stockpiling basic goods well before the authorities gave the word. What was the impact in your business?