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Real Customer Reviews and Testimonials
Nestlé discovered hidden stock-outs which account for €70,000,000 in lost sales every year
"Optimus Price helps us prioritize the visits of our sales team and allows us to improve the efficiency of their routes by defining an optimal frequency based on algorithmic data"
Optimus Price predicted SONAE store sales with up to 93% accuracy
"The forecast of Optimus Price works better than Oracle"
Magitel used Optimus Price to improve their competitiveness in the eBay marketplace
"Optimus Price has doubled my sales and tripled my traffic. It works!"
Gisela Massana
Owner, Magitel
Fútbol Emotion automates all prices in their catalog thanks to our AI models that support all the particularities of the sports sector
“With Optimus Price you save a considerable amount of the time devoted to managing pricing”
Alfonso Lamarca
Chief Commercial Officer @ Fútbol Emotion
Ulabox increased profits 10% thanks to pricing experiments for products with little sales
“We realized some competitors are too cheap and we shouldn’t mindlessly match their prices. Optimus Price identified prices we could raise to increase margins without losing sales”
Mareike Pfennig
Head of Digital Sales @ Ulabox