Competitor Price Monitoring

Monitor your competitors and improve your positioning. Get up-to-date market information for any website or marketplace.

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Stop browsing competitors manually

Do not waste your time navigating competitor pages. Optimus Price will get their prices for you, every day. You can even get the competitors from Google Shopping!

Are you too expensive or too cheap?

Your customers are more price sensitive than ever, so you must always be competitive and well positioned

Matching products, made easy

Use our AI-powered matching system which pre-generates likely matches, so you only need to click on "approve" or "discard"

Ultra-fast setup

Upload your Google Shopping feed or a spreadsheet with your catalog and an automatic wizard will help you to see your competitor data in no time.

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An extremely flexible pricing engine

You can set rules based on competitors, margins, product ranges, categories, brands, promotions, stock levels, prices, buyboxes, and anything you can imagine

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