Price Optimization for Retail

The most powerful pricing engine with AI for your ERP or e-commerce

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Your prices and margins, under control

Understand the impact of rule changes in your prices and margins

The most advanced AI pricing models in the market

No matter what your pricing strategy is, you can use an AI model to optimize the price of each sku: competitive, seasonal, on sale, elasticity, reactive...

An extremely flexible pricing engine

You can set rules based on competitors, margins, product ranges, categories, brands, promotions, stock levels, prices, buyboxes, and anything you can imagine

Find hidden opportunities

Dynamic pricing based on elasticity calculations makes sure that all your catalog is always optimized and competitive, not only the top sellers

Learn which competitors impact your sales

Our AI will tell you which competitors impact your sales the most, by analyzing your sales against the price difference between you and them. You will be surprised!

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