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Which AI techniques are the best for e-commerce?

February 23, 2023

Dynamic pricing is a very powerful tool that empowers pricing managers to optimize prices with dynamic pricing based on sales and demand.

Thanks to advanced machine learning models it’s now possible to totally automate the pricing process, using prices based on sales and demand, and therefore increasing margins and sales, and saving money on operative costs.

Hilary McElwain teaches us how to optimize prices and increase our sales and margins using Artificial Intelligence techniques and dynamic pricing. In this 15-minute video you will learn the following:

  • How to approach new retail challenges, such as global competition, intermediaries with power, and the low cost disruption, by changing your competitive model
  • Which benefits will AI-based dynamic pricing bring your business
  • Which companies have already started using a data-driven AI for their pricing strategy
  • What is actually dynamic pricing, and different types of techniques
  • How to measure your sales profit more accurately
  • When to use pricing as a source of marketing decisions
  • Which risks to minimize when applying AI to a business-critical process like pricing
  • How to keep a balance between human expertise and automation

Watch the webinar below.

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