Welcome to Optimus Price 3.0

February 23, 2023

We have been working very hard this summer to bring you a much improved version of Optimus Price.

This release includes:

  • The #1 request: competitor based pricing models!
  • Consider pageviews and conversion rate into pricing with Google Analytics
  • Flexible rule strategies
  • A redesigned Product window
  • Avoid errors with our automatic data validation

We hope that this new release will help you interpret the AI predictions, improve your profits even more, and save time setting rules.

Pricing strategies based on competitors

Always have your competitor prices in mind when deciding on a new strategy.

Optimus Price now connects to any available competitor monitoring API and is aware of competitor prices when recommending a price.

You can see evolution of prices for a given time period and cross-reference them with your sales.

By building on top of your competitor information, you can now learn who is the leading competitor for each product (be ready for some surprises!) and where you are positioned, percentile-wise.

Price depending on customer behavior

You goal is to optimize sales. But how relevant is a sale, in context of your whole shop?

By integrating Google Analytics with Optimus Price you will:

  • Get better pricing recommendations based on product views and cart information
  • View plots with consumer behavior
  • Make smarter decisions based on analytics data

Take into account pageviews and cart information, and therefore conversion rate, to see the relevance of each sale.

Flexible pricing strategies

Use our Artificial Intelligence, create a rule or set the price manually. See how profit changes when you change your pricing strategy.

You have all the options with all the information to establish the best price.

More informative Product window

Monitor a product with a complete dashboard that includes:

  • Pricing strategy: see our AI pricing recommendation and compare those with your own strategies
  • Google Analytics: study the behavior of the users in your website
  • Competitors: compare your prices with those of your competitors
  • Profit and demand: our AI calculates elasticity and profit estimates so you can see which are the prices that derive the best profit

Avoid pricing errors

Validating your ecommerce data is now easier. Optimus Price now generates a list of potential issues exceptions with a detailed explanation and solution.

Never set up a price below cost by mistake again!

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